Collector's Edition Vol. 1

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We are pleased to announce the inaugural release of the COLLECTOR’S EDITION SERIES from the vaults of Grammy Award-winning composer, Howard Shore. Album series producer Jonathan Schultz has uncovered thousands of recordings, documenting Shore’s career of composing original scores, concert pieces, chamber music, and songs. Access to some of this material requires expert restoration of analog tapes in which reels are carefully baked and calibrated, splices are repaired, and original balances are replicated or adjusted as needed to make this music available.

VOL. 1 initiates the series with a collection of unreleased recordings, some from films and many pieces that have never been heard in any form. The first four tracks and the last track showcase Shore as both musician and performer in a lively synthesis of vintage samples and effects. Tracks 5 – 11 are unique jazz-influenced pieces with solos for guitar and harmonica with orchestra.

COLLECTOR’S EDITION VOL.1 is just the beginning, there is much more to explore.

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