Maps Single 516 1600x1600Released on Wednesday, May 20, 2014

Maps to the Stars, the new film directed by David Cronenberg will be released theatrically in France and Germany on Wednesday, May 21st. Howe Records is pleased to be able to release a digital only single on the same day in advance of the full the score coming early autumn.

Look for “Maps to the Stars – Single” on iTunes or on Amazon.

The film stars:
Julianne Moore
John Cusack
Mia Wasikowska
Robert Pattinson.

Screenplay by Bruce Wagner

And features an original score from Howard Shore.

Cronenberg’s go-to composer, Howard Shore, delivers one of his best scores yet for the dry Canadian maestro, a menacing undertow that picks up on some of the ethnic, New Age sounds of the world it depicts, but shifts them into Clockwork Orange territory.
-Lee Marshall, Screen Daily

The film premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival on Monday, May 19th

My instant reaction, after stumbling, open-mouthed, from the cinema, was a pathological need to stumble back in again. There’s so much in this seething cauldron of a film, so many film-industry neuroses exposed and horrors nested within horrors, that one viewing is too much, and not nearly enough. Cronenberg has made a film that you want to unsee – and then see and unsee again.
-Robbie Colin, The Telegraph